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Stephen Foster, IDN Music Education Stephen Foster, IDN Music Education - A 30 year veteran of the music biz, Stephen is one of the premier blues vocalists & musicians in the South. He has played on tracks for a variety of national and international artists, and wrote and sang the Cashbox Pick-Of-The-Week single for The Love Of A Girl. Stephen started his own recording studio, Howler in 1979, producing international award-winning video soundtracks, and did a 3 year stint teaching journalism at Notre Dame. He owns On Course Pub. Co., Howler Pub. Co. (ASCAP) and WhiteHorse Records, plays gigs and is an active member of NARAS. If you have any questions about the IDN Education Center or would like to contribute Music Biz Articles, please contact Stephen at:
Music Fun for Kids       If you want to learn about the music biz, or find out how to tune a guitar, this is the place for you, Music Links and Fun for Children. Music is fun and you can learn how to play instruments, sing songs, or just have fun with music.
Careers and Education Links       If you want to find a school or university which teaches music, or if you want to plot career moves within the biz, this is the place for you: Music as a Career. There are many opportunities besides playing in a band out there in the Biz. These people and companies can help you find a career in music.
The School of Hard Knocks       If you want to promote your band, or learn about new sound recording techniques, this is the place for you, The School of Hard Knocks. It's not enough to just be in a band, you must educate yourself if you want to survive and prosper in the music industry.
Articles about The Music Biz       If you have knowledge or expertise in the music biz, drop us a note at Music Biz Articles. We don't pay money for the articles, but you can have the satisfaction of helping level the playing field for the up-and-coming musicians out there who need all the help they can get.

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