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Music Business Articles

If you have knowledge or expertise in the music biz, drop us a note at Music Biz Articles. We don't pay money for the articles, but you can have the satisfaction of helping level the playing field for the up-and-coming musicians out there who need all the help they can get.

The Lowest Common Denominator by Alex Scheibe
Music Scoring and Charts: The Jazz Number System by Stephen Foster
Indie Alert: Are these people really scammers? by Anthony MacFarland
Taxes and Bookeeping, By Beverly Davis by Anonymous
Audio Recorders by Anonymous
What About Copyright? by Stephen Foster
DIY: Home Studios, Recording & Composing, New Age Perspective by Mark Showalter
Pro Tips for Preparing Your CD Artwork by Dante Ferrarini
How and Why to Hire a Producer by Jordan Tishler
Introduction to Microphone Placement by Alex Scheibe
Using a basic MIDI sync by Stephen Foster
MP3 Distribution: Copyright and Illegal Duplication Concerns by Alex Scheibe
Off-Axis Miking by Mike Bolenbach
CD Production & Promo Costs by Stephen Foster
Stereo VS Mono Recording by Stephen Foster
Volume Problems: Dealing With Club Owners by Stephen Foster
UPC Code Information by Dante Ferrarini
Buying Used Gear by Stephen Foster
Making the Most of Your Sampler by Alex Scheibe
The Mechanics of Song Structure by Alex Scheibe
Electronica: Stop Using the Presets!! by Alex Scheibe
Esoterica of Songwriting by Stephen Foster
Interview with pro guitarist Marty Walsh. by Steve Veloudos
Interview with pro guitarist Jamie Glaser. by Steve Veloudos
Working With A Soundman. by Steve Veloudos
Interview with Judy Clapp. by Steve Veloudos
Capturing Your Creativity. by Steve Veloudos
Interview with entertainment lawyer John J Tormey III. by Steve Veloudos

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