Jimi Powers - Guitars/Vocals

Mike Bolenbach - Guitars

Phil Janzen - Drums/Perc

Thomas Michael Collins - Bass

Chain Link Faith is a heavy, dual guitar driven rock band based out of Phoenix Arizona. Formed in October, 1999, the band consists of Jimi Powers on guitar and vocals, Mike Bolenbach on guitar and backing vocals, Phil Janzen on drums and percussion, and Thomas Michael Collins on bass guitar.

Chain Link Faith is a powerful live act, with great stage presence, huge vocal harmonies, dual lead guitars, and a rock solid rhythm section. CLF's original music has influences ranging from classic rock, to the heavy stylings of Black Sabbath. The debut CD from Chain Link Faith has received great reviews, such as the following:

"These guys are coming at ya from Arizona, playing an 'in your face' style of heavy guitar oriented rock. Subtlety is not the sort of word to describe CLF, and if the rabid snarling dog intro is anything to go by, then you'll understand where these guys are coming from….. …good constructive hard rock with a harder guitar edge. Some talented players onboard, who should do well promoting this admirable effort." - George Thatcher - "Heart Of The Rock"

"The content of the songs is very heavy as they tug at a number of emotions. Nobody can accuse CLF of putting out "dumb" music. Most of the tunes have a progressive element to them as well which makes it heavy listening….I don't think any fan of Rock can honestly say they dislike this band!" - Doug Groff - "Rock and a Hard Place"

"Chain Link Faith. Hard rock. 9/10 Wow! What a surprise! These guys are good...real good. Extremely melodic hard rock with plenty of hooks. Folks in Arizona need to check these guys out!" -Dan Harding - "Heavy Harmonies"

Band Hotline 602-258-8116