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Ben Araiza

Title: The Story of Za
Genre: Rock
© 2005, Baraiza music
CD: $10.00

Ben Araiza - The Story of Za

The brand new release from Ben Araiza, "The Story Of Za" is a genre defying record. Excellent songs, pristine production, insanely talented players, & beautiful packaging. Blending elements of rock with with hip hop and pop, it is the songs on this CD that are it's "meat and potatoes." . From start to finish, every song is a potential hit. Strong hooks and dynamic verses. From powerful guitars to beautiful female vocal harmonies, this album has everything. 10 OUT OF 10.


Title: Mighty Field Of Vision
Genre: Americana
© 2001, Howler (ASCAP)
CD: $14.99 $2 S&H, Tape: $10.99 $2 S&H

A totally unique southern writer with a heavy blues sound. Somewhere between the Allman Bros, The Eagles and The Boss. The entire album just pulls you along.
Indie Music NewsIndie music news

Temporary Halt on Submissions for IDN Catalog
The IDN has announced a temporary halt on new submissions for inclusion in the IDN catalog. Due to the ever increasing amount of the materials being submitted, this halt is nescessary in order for us to process the submissions we have already recieved. Your patience is appreciated.

MPEG Catalog!!
You can list your MPEGs on our site just like you do your MP3s. Promote your band with your homemade videos. Just list them in the MP3 section, but note clearly that it is an MPEG movie. We'll run a "Video Of The Year" competition.

Indies Band Together to Benefit Musicians
The Mighty Field Of Vision has released "The Mighty Field Of Vision Anthem" by Stephen Foster (Howler). The MFoV is dedicated to helping provide economic stability for indie musicians. For further information on the project go to The Mighty Field Of Vision/Howler site.

MP3s & RAs
IDN is compiling a Downloadable Music Section which will be composed of MP3s, G2s, whatever format you want to put up. WE WON'T HOST THE AUDIO FILES. We will put you in the catalog which was receiving 100,000+ hits/month when we went offline for redesign. You put the audio files on your server and post the links on your ownIDN home page. It's OK if you don't have a CD out. You can just put up MP3s or whatever. If you're new to IDN, come on in!!!

Design Your Own IDN Web Page!!
You're gonna like this! Your home page here at IDN is yours to play with, add links to, and otherwise crank around as you please (no profanity, please, we have kids coming here). You can put up links to your MP3 and G2 promotional downloads, links to your home page, touring info, promo info, etc. It's the easiest way you'll ever find to increase traffic to your home site and promote your music.

Downloadable Music
Downloadable music, once the scourge of the biz, is now being embraced by the majors. MCI/Sony has served notice that it intends to put its entire catalog up on the web for download. Of course, they want money, as usual. IDN, on the other hand, has a huge listing of MP3s, G2s, etc. which you can download, and it's FREE! Go for it!!

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