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                                The perfect blend of Analog and Digital.

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Control room view at Phoenix Az Full Well Recording Studios

The studio proper at Full Well Recording Studio, Phoenix AZ

Full Well houses a massive collection of both vintage and modern recording equipment.
Tons of analog awesome sauce,  and vacuum tube driven goodness!!!

Some sweet Marshall amps at Full Well Recorinding Studio in Phoenix AZ

Alice Cooper,  Mike Bolenbach,  and Bob Ezrin tracking vocals at Full Well Recording Studio in Phoenix AZ
Alice Cooper,  Mike Bolenbach,  and producer Bob Ezrin tracking vocals for Alice Coopers
"Welcome 2 My Nightmare" at Full Well Recording Studio in Phoenix AZ.

Some cool outboard gear.   The studio has a huge collection.

Mike and guitar virtuoso,  Steve Hunter tracking guitars at Full Well Recording Studio in Phoenix Arizona.
Mike and guitar virtuoso,  Steve Hunter,  tracking a song written by Dick Wagner
with Motown producer, Bobby Taylor (Jackson 5,  Marvin Gaye)

Alice Cooper and original ACB drummer, Neal Smith.  Dash Cooper.  Kolby. and Justin/
In the studio tracking demos for the next Alice Cooper record with original ACB drummer, Neal Smith, Dash Cooper, Mike Bolenbach,  Justin Swartzentruber, and Kolby Peoples
for producer, Bob Ezrin.

Leslie 950
The Leslie 950

Mike and the Beetus sitting in the studio control room.
Mike and engineer Kolby Peoples.

Jesus Ponies
Ben Hall of the Jesus Ponies playing the Hammond Organ footpedals
with his hands.   Yes.   

Full Well studio drum kit
In house Pearl Masters Maple drum kit.

Phoenix Arizona Recording Studios

Recording Studio Guitar Amps

Slash rocking the Full Well Shirt

Slash rockin' the Full Well Recording Studio Tshirt.
Photo Credit:  Ross Halfin

Tube amps galore.  The studio has a giant collection.
We love tube amps!

Mike Bolenbach and Bob Ezrin

Mike Bolenbach and Bob Ezrin

Full Well Recording, Phoenix AZ. control room

To contact, email bolenbach@gmail.com