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Control Room shot at Phoenix's Full Well Recording

Full Well houses a massive collection of both vintage and modern recording equipment.
Tons of analog awesome sauce,  and vacuum tube driven goodness!!!

Consoles and Recording Mediums:

1979 Tangent 3216 Analog Recording Console

AMEK Einstein Sidecar Console (8 channels with EQ)

2x CAD Maxcon Sidecar (16 channels each with EQ)

Pro Tools HD3 w/48 channels of IO and 24 Fader control surface

Otari MTR-90 2 inch 24 Track Analog tape machine w/ Remote

MCI JH-110 1/4 inch 2 Track Analog tape machine

Ampex AG-440 1/2 inch 4 Track Analog Tape Machine

3M M23 1 inch 8 Track

Tape transfers available into Pro Tools from many older formats such as DAT, ADAT, DA88, Minidisc, Cassette, and Reel to Reel.

Mic Pres:

2x Neve 1073

2x API 512c

2x Avalon 737

2x SSL 4000 G

3x Neve 9098

2x Avalon 2022

2x Vintech Dual 72

3x Focusrite ISA 220

Shadow Hills Mono Gamma

Great River 500 NV

La Chapelle 583 Tube Pre

8x AMEK Einstein pres

32x Tangent 3216 console pres

32x CAD Maxcon channels in sidecars

Compressors and EQs:

Manley Vari-Mu stereo tube compressor

Universal Audio Teletronix LA-2A

2x Empirical Labs Distressors

UREI 1176 Silverface compressor

UREI 1178 stereo compressor

2x UREI LA-4 Silverface compressors

2x SSL 4000G compressors

API 527 compressor

Weiss EQ1-LP Mastering EQ

Weiss DS1-MK3 Mastering Compressor

Kush Clariphonic Parallel EQ

3x Focusrite ISA 220 channels with EQ and Compression

2x Avalon 737 channels with EQ and Compression

Manley Massive Passive stereo tube equalizer

3x Neve 9098 equalizers

2x BSS 901 Dynamic Equalizers

Orban 622B Parametric Equalizer

2x HHB Fat Man stereo tube compressors

SPL Transient Designer

2x Klark Teknik DS410 dual parametric equalizers

2x SSL 4000G "black" equalizers

16x AMEK Einstein equalizers

3x Focusrite Platinum Voice Master channel strips

32x channels of Tangent console EQ

32x CAD Maxcon EQ

Universal Audio 2-1176 clone

Waves L2 hardware limiter

2x AMEK Matchless mic pre/EQ channels in lunchbox.

Cool, Fun, and Geeky Stuff:

Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo

Echoplex EP-2 Tube Tape Echo

Echoplex EP-3 Solid State Tape Echo

AKG BX-15 Reverb Tank

Fender Tube Reverb Tank

Eventide DSP-4000 Ultra Harmonizer

Dolby 361 with Vocal Stressor Mod (Mutt Lange trick)

Leslie 950 (4 rotating speakers)

Leslie 120

Leslie 147 RV

Yamaha RA-100 Rotating Speaker (David Gilmour Tone)

Booker Lab "Fusion" Leslie Speaker DI

Sony R7 Reverberator

Yamaha SPX990 Multi-FX

JVC ECA-102 Spring Reverb (The Awesomizer 3000)

Magnatone M-15 Pitch Shifting Vibrato

SPL Transient Designer

Akai GX-225D reel to reel machine set up to do the Abbey Road ADT process

Tektronix 760A Audio Phase Scope

Dorrough Model 40-AE Loudness Meters

Marshall Power Brake

LIttle Labs IBP Analog Phase Adjustment Tool

Radial X-Amp active reamping device

Matt Averill AmpAgain passive reamping device

Heil Talk Box

Maestro Stage Phaser

Darkglass B7K Ultra bass preamp/distortion

Sylvia Massey Mercury Vapor Fuzz

Gamechanger Audio Plasma Drive

Drawmer De-Esser

Radial Cherry Picker Pre-amp selector box

Booker Labs "Fusion" Leslie Interface

Guitar Amps: - Re-Amping services are available to take and run your recorded tracks through any of the following guitar amps and cabinets or any other cool outboard available.

2x Marshall Silver Jubilee 2550's (original anniversary models)

1974 Marshall JMP 100 watt Super Lead (model 1959)

1971 Marshall Super Tremolo 100 watt (model 1959ST)

1973 Marshall JMP 50 watt (model 1987)

Marshall JCM 800

Marshall JCM 900

Mesa Road King 2

Mesa Dual Rectifier

Mesa Nomad

Vox AC30

Fender Hot Rod Deville

Orange OD-80 Overdrive

Supro Trojan

2x Bolenbox Plump Tones

Bolenbox Super Tone

1950's Fender Tweed Champ

EVH 5150 iii 100 watt

Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus

Magnatone M-15

Peavey 6505+

Ampeg SVT Classic

1966 Ampeg SB-12

Sans Amp RPM Bass pre amp/DI

Marshall 9000 Guitar pre amp

Guitar Cabinets:

Marshall 20th Anniversary White 4x12 cab w/ Celestion g-12 65s

Marshall 4x12 with early 70's 30 watt/55hz  Greenbacks (T1281)

Marshall 4x12 with mid 70's 30 watt/55hz Blackbacks (T1281)

Marshall JCM-800 4x12 cab w/ Celestion Greenback 25s

Marshall Silver Jubilee cab w/ Celestion Greenback 25s

Marshall Silver Jubilee cab w/ Celestion 75s

4x Marshall 1960 cabs

Marshall 4x12 with vintage Rola Celestions.

Mesa traditional slant 4x12 w/ Celestion Vintage 30s

Mesa oversized slant 4x12 w/ Celestion Vintage 30s

Mesa oversized straight 4x12 w/ Celestion Vintage 30s

Avatar open back 2x12 with Celestion 70th anniversary Gold Backs

2x Bolenbox 4x12 cabs

Leslie 950

Leslie 120

Leslie 147 RV

Yamaha RA-100 Rotating Speaker

Ampeg SVT 8x10

Marshall Power Brake


2007 Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Burst

1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe

1969 Gibson SG w/Maestro Tailpiece

2011 Gibson SG (White)

1999 Gibson ES 175

1997 Gibson Les Paul Studio

1929 Gibson L-00 Flat Top Acoustic

Gibson Les Paul w/ Evertune bridge

Martin Acoustic

Gretsch Nashville Jr.

Gretsch 5120 Hollowbody

Ibanez Frank Gambale

Ibanez Joe Satriani 540R

Fender American P Bass

Fender American custom shop Stratocaster

Fender American Standard Stratocaster

Takamine G Series acoustic

Ovation Balladeer 6 String

Ovation Legend 12 String

Fender Telecaster with Gibson 490 Humbucker

GIbson L6-S

GIbson S-1

Epiphone J-200 Acoustic

Ohana ukulele

Ibanez Prestige RG

Yamaha Nathan East Signature 4 String bass


Pearl Masters Maple drum kit w:

22x20 kick

8, 10, 12, and 13 inch rack toms

14 and 16 inch floor toms

Pearl Eliminator single and double kick pedals

Pearl Eliminator hi-hat stand

GIbralter Drum Rack

ZIldjian 14 inch "Rock" hi hats (dark and heavy)

ZIldjian 14 inch K hi hats (crisp and bright)

ZIldjian dark crash 16

Sabian AAX 19 Crash

ZIldjian Ping Ride

Sabian China

Paiste China

ZIldjian Splash

Rok n Sok Throne

Pearl free floating 14x6.5 snare w/ brass, steel, and maple shells.

Pearl free floating 14x5 copper snare

Tama Starclassic Maple Snare 14x6.5

Pearl Chad Smith signature snare

DW Chrome over Steel 14x8 snare

Gretsch Maple 14x8 snare

Tama 13x3.5 piccolo snare

Pork Pie 14x6 acrylic snare

Mapex Black Panther Wraith 14x6.5 snare


Fender Rhodes Mark1 73 key

Hammond Organ Model D (B3 with factory chorus)

Wurlitzer 200A

Leslie 147 RV

ARP Solus Analog Synth

Oberheim Matrix 6R

Roland Super JV-1080

Korg MS-2000 digitally controlled analog synth/vocoder

Korg "microkorg" synth/vocoder

Korg Triton workstation 61

Roland RD-150 88key weighted keyboard

M-Audio Keystation 88 key weighted controller

Boss DR-880 drum module

Alesis DM-5 drum module

Roland U-220

Microphones and DI boxes:

Lawson MP-47 tube condenser

Neumann TLM-103

3x Shure SM-7B

2x Neumann KM-184

2x AKG 414

2x AKG D-112

Shure SM-91

2x Sennheisser 421-U5

2x Senngeiser 441-U

6x Shure SM-81

12x Shure SM-57

6x Shure SM-58

3x Rode NTK

Peluso R-14 Ribbon

Yamaha Sub Kick

CAD E-100

2x Shure SM-53

Shure SM-55SH

Audio Technica AT-835b shotgun mic

Radial J48 DI

Radial JDI

2x Radial JD2

Radial Cherry Picker Pre Amp Selector

Countryman FET DI

Groove Tubes DI

Studio Monitors:

Yamaha NS-10

Mackie HR-824

Auratone SC-5

Tannoy Monitor Golds

JBL 4412

JBL L-100

Altec Iconic Valencia

Tannoy Reveal 502

Alesis Monitor Ones


To contact us, email or call Mike Bolenbach at