Phoenix Arizona Record Producer, Mike Bolenbach

Mike Bolenbach 
Phoenix Arizona based music producer, audio recording engineer, and mix engineer.
Mike Bolenbach,  Phoenix AZ audio engineer, recording engineer, mix engineer, music producer
Full Well Recording Studios, Phoenix Arizona

Partial Discography  -
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legend of credits:
E = Engineered
M = Mixed
P = Produced   

Ben Phillip Hall Bright Side Dark Side Ben Phillip Hall "Bright Side Dark Side" (E, M, P) 2014

Black Bottom Lighters - 2 or 2000 Black Bottom Lighters "2 or 2000" (E,M,P) 2015

The Plump Tones "Brown Chicken Brown Cow" The Plump Tones "Brown Chicken Brown Cow"  (E, M, P) 2009

Alice Cooper "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" Alice Cooper "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" (E) - Produced by Bob Ezrin 2011

Dierdre - Between The Lines Dierdre "Between The Lines" (E,M,P) - Co-produced with Byron Carrick 2015

The Smoke Bombs - The Smoke Bombs The Smoke Bombs "The Smoke Bombs" (E,M,P) 2015

Dierdre (ft Byron Carrick) - Life Coming Down Dierdre (Ft Byron Carrick) "Life Coming Down" (E,M,P) Co-produced with Byron Carrick 2015

Dierdre -  "I've Come To Life"Dierdre "I've Come To Life"  (E, M, P)  Co-produced with Ben Hall 2014

Vintage SquaresThe Vintage Squares  "Phychedelic Playground"  (E, M, P) 2014

Both Hands on the Wheel Danny Roberts "Both Hands On The Wheel"  (E, M, P) 2008
The Preserve "The Setup"The Preserve "The Setup"  (E, M, P) 2009

Ben Hall Move CD Ben Hall "Move" (E, M, P) 2011

Co-Op "Never Whisper the Truth" CO-OP "Never Whisper the Truth"  (E, M, P) 2014

The Preserve "Golden Opportunity" The Preserve "Golden Opportunity"  (E, M, P) 2011

Bill Slater - That's Crazy Talk Bill Slater "That's Crazy Talk"  (E, M, P) 2009

Spooky Kool Spooky Kool  "Conversations with God"  (E, M, P)  2013

The Earps - Get A Room The Earps "Get A Room"  (E, M, P) 2010

Christie Huff "Sweet Love To Come Home To: Christie Huff "Sweet Love To Come Home To"  (E,M,P) 2 songs - Others (P) by Jeff Dayton

The Impossible Ones VS The World The Impossible Ones "VS. The World" (E, M, P) 2007

Hello Swindon - Alfalfa Centauri Hello Swindon  "Alfalfa Centauri" (E, M, P) 2010

Names Of The InnocentNames Of The Innocent "Two Hours Up" (E,M,P)  2009

Maypop  "Maybe Someday They'll See"  Producer/Engineer Mike Bolenbach Phoenix Arizona Maypop "Maybe Someday They'll See" (E, M, P) 2008

Chimichanga Riots Chimichanga Riots (E,M,P) 2011

Common Ground Blues "Too Much Talkin" Common Ground Blues "Too Much Talkin"  (E, M, P) 2011

Kawika and the Houselot Chiles Kawika and the Houselot Chiles  (E, M, P) 2013
21 Wattz "Quimica" 21 Wattz "Quimica" (E, M, P) 2008
Here Come the Earps The Earps "Here Comes The Earps" (E,M) 2007

New Romantics The New Romantics "Love Letters and Death Threats" (E,M,P) 2006

Unemployment Party "As Yet Unknown"Unemployment Party "As Yet Unknown"  (E,M,P) 2011

The Earps "Buckle Up" tribute to Buck Owens The Earps "Buckle Up"  (E,M,P) 2011

Nunzilla  Killing FaithNunzilla "Killing Faith" (E,M,P) 2007

Asses of Evil Asses Of Evil "Asses of Evil" (E,M,P) 2008

Vacation To Kill The Nation Vacation To Kill The Nation (E,M,P) 2009

Ben Araiza the Story of Za Ben Araiza "The Story of Za"  (E, M, P) 2005

Motortrain "Straight Six"   Motortrain "Straight Six"  (E, M, P)  (Co-produced with Louis Lashes) 2011

George Hughes "Daze B4" George Hughes "Daze B 4" (E, M, P) 2008

Slater and Shellans "Creatures of Habit" (E, M) 2005

Slater and Shellans "Living in Absentia" (E, M) 2004

League of Forgotten Saints League of The Forgotten Saints "Your Cat's Got My Tongue (E,M,P) 2013

Hello Swindon "Pioneer 10" (E,M) 2003

Hello Swindon "Loudmouth Soup" (E,M) 2000

School "La Raza" School "La Raza" (E,M,P) 2005

Bill Slater Lines and Circles Bill Slater "Lines and Circles" (E,M) 2006

Dephinger - Eat A Dick Dephinger "Eat A Dick" (E,M) 2007

Dephinger "Since You Mammy Got Loose" (E,M) 2004

Chad Freeman and Redline Chad Freeman and Redline "Cowboy Heart" (E,M,P) 2013

Horizon I "No Disclaimers" Horizon I "No Disclaimers" (E,M,P) 2011

Vortex Syndrome "Vortex Syndrome" (E,M) 2003

3 Steps From Sanity - Admission 3 Steps From Sanity "Admission"  (E, M, P) 2009
Liams Problem  Liams Problem  (E, M, P) 2010

Peter Daniel Peter Daniel "Peter Daniel" (E, M) 2007

Diamond Jeff "Blue Wind" (E,M) 2003

The Relics (Kick Ass) "Dig It" The Relics "Dig It" (E,M,P  - with engineer Patrick Driscoll) 2011

Mind Advancement Team "Population Bomb" (E,M) 2000

Mind Advancement Team "Subversion Tactics Vol. 1" (E,M,P) 2000

Mind Advancement Team "Subversion Tactics Vol. 2" (E,M,P) 2001

Abe Ruthless "No Nothin Blues" (E,M) 2003

Barry Sands - Baggage Barry Sands "Baggage" (E,M,P) 2003

Signsedso "Listenable" (E,M) 1998

Signsedso "Ready When You Are" (E,M) 1999

The January Taxi "Here It Is" (E,M) 1997

Ded Serius "Fear of Success" Ded Serius "Fear of Success"  (E,M,P) 2011

Bitter Allegiance Bitter Allegiance EP (E,M,P) 2008

Bitter Allegiance Bitter Allegiance (E,M,P) 2011

Tiffany Nicole (E,M) 2002

Infidel "Hardcore American" (E,M,P) 2006

Temple Of Hate "Temple Of Hate" (E, M) 1999

BrotherLush "Lost Found and Otherwise" (M) 2006

Solorzano "You Said Goodbye" (E,M,P) 1996

Krysis "State Of The Art" Krysis "State Of The Art"  (E, M, P) 2008

The Realist Family The Realist Family "Enter the Realist" (E,M) 2004

Eighty Proof "I Can't Escape" (E, M) 2007

Tad Woods "Horses and Sunsets and Rain" (E,M) 2005

Chain Link Faith "CLF" (E,M,P) 2002

Alleged Double Action Alleged Double Action "13 1/2 Miles To Phoenix"  (E, M, P)  2010

City Of Soldiers "If the Shoe Fits Wear It"  (E,M) 2005

The Ransom "Witch Hunt" (E,M,P) 2002

Ded Serius "Ostracizing The Ostrich" (E,M) 2002

Dante Joseph "Dante's Inferno" (E,M) 2000

Fuck you UpsFuck You Ups "Hope You Appreciate it Fucker" (E,M) 2001

Black Rayn "Think" (E,M) 2003

Rebirth - Process of Obliteration  Rebirth "The Process of Obliteration" (E,M,P) 2007

HexaHexa "Hail To The King" (E,M - 2 of the Tracks) 2007

Black Rayn "Black Rayn" (E,M) 2002

Phoenix Down "Phoenix Down" (E,M,P) 2004





Motley Crue tribute featuring Chain Link Faith Wildside "Tribute to Motley Crue" (E,M,P) 2000

AZ Punk Vol 1 featuring The Fuck You Ups AZ Punk Comp. Vol. 1 (E,M) 2002

AZ Punk Comp Vol.6 AZ Punk Comp. Vol 6 (E, M, P  - 4 of the songs) 2008

Suoerdrag Tribute featuring the Fashion Victims Super Sounds "Tribute to Superdrag" (E,M,P) 2006

featuring the NEW ROMANTICSJetboys of Babylon "Tribute to the New York Dolls" (E,M) 2005

Clash of the Billys volume 1 featuring the EARPS Clash of the Billys Volume #1 (E,M) 2007

Rising Stars comp featuring School Rising Stars Project (E,M,P) 2006

Pixies Tribute featuring the Fashion Victims Dig For Fire "Tribute to the Pixies" (E) 2007

Alice Cooper,  Mike Bolenbach, Bob Ezrin