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The Eugenics Council Electronica
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Artist Bio
E.C. originally formed in 1996 by D.N. and Rosemary Malign, as an outlet for Collaborated and solo compositions. Since that time Rosemary has been featured on the Susan Lawly Release “Extreme Music From Women” her track produced by William Bennet of Whitehouse. She has also been recently published in “Apocalypse Culture II” released by Feral House. E.C. played its first performance in Chicago at the Vic theatre as one of the Headlining bands of the “Expo Of The Extreme”. Two E.C. cds have been released, both feature Randall Phillip of the infamous “Fuck” Magazine.E.C. successfully toured the East United states in the summer of 2000, promoting the release of the E.C./Randall Phillip cd. E.C. has performed with everything from noise, industrial, punk, gothic ,rock, whatever bands in small clubs and bars to larger festivals such as the Fetish Carnival in Rochester Ny. A 7' split with Japanese noise artist Facialmess was released late in 2000.

Group members
D.N. & Rosemary Malign

mig welder,steel drums,springs,Circuit bent casios,Drills, Trains,homemade steel bass guitar,fans,Korg synth,Guns,industrial machines,pneumatic maggot cannon,children toys,children,fire,explosives, and about anything else that we can get to produce an interesting sound

E.C. “Genocide Now” Cdr release 2 editions, one limited to 25 copies, the 2nd to 250 copies.

E.C. / Randall Phillip split cd - 2 versions released each limited to 500 copies. One packaged in jewel cases the other in vinyl sleeves. Jewel cases version contains alternate mixes of songs, and different artwork.,E.C. /

FacialMess 7' - limited to 200 copies

LIVE IN DC - live performance also features Sikhara, and Koonda Holaa


Extreme Music From Women” Susan Lawly. Rosemary's track recorded/produced by William Bennet of Whitehouse.


“I am the Hate” this piece can be found in “Apocalypse Cuture II” Feral House books
Press Reviews
E.C./Lockweld set sept.23rd Cleveland

Lockweld vs. Eugenics Council
A chainsaw was weilded into the crowd, through wood, through a ladder, through beer cans, etc.... Karen screamed and jumped as if on Hello Kitty
narcotics..... Dustin was busy catching things on fire, welding, and throwing motors into barrels.... This was controled chaos, no, this was pure
chaos and close to a riot. Fucking incredible, and the sound of it matched as the rumble of electronics, metal and chainsaw mixed into a cacophony of
perverse modern technology that not only embraced the audience but made them a part (or nearly parts heh heh) of the show. This was the perfect finale for Finality and couldn't have been more explosive than this. It ended a little while after the set with explosives in the bathroom courtesy of Eugenics

Review 2

WTF is wrong with Lockweld and The Eugenics Council?!? HolyCow that was the most I N S A N E shit I have ever seen!
Lockweld together with the Eugenics council alone were worth the$6 cover. They had a woman behind the box, and the guys made
music using oh, let's see, a grinding wheel cutting on a piece of aluminum furnace duct; a welder; a police tazer; a chainsaw
cutting up: a full sized-ladder, one of the tables at the speak in tongues, two of the bar's chairs, the bar's floor, a six-pack
of beer (Busch light) which prompted the owner of the beer to throw the now demolished ladder right back at the lockweld dude
on stage, almost my foot, almost half the crowd(the guy kept charging into the crowd waving the fully operational raging
chainsaw); a busted up industrial fan set next to half a 55 gallon drum so that the blades beat on the drum (then the fan
later ended up INSIDE the drum which made one HELLUVA cacophony); and I'm sure there was at least another piece or three of
industrial equipment that I'm forgetting! Wild!
This show as a whole was the loudest, heaviest, most insane thing
I have ever seen! AWESOME!



Ouch -- this CD is loud. Which is hardly surprising -- lo, we have entered power electronics territory. Dr. Randall Philip is the guy who brings you the controversial magazine FUCK, the Eugenics Council have been doing similar activities in noise for five years or so, and Rosemary Malign has appeared on the Susan Lawly release EXTREME MUSIC FROM WOMEN. So right up front we have clear indications that everybody involved has a bad attitude and is going for broke in the ear-punishment sweepstakes....

Here, on this disc, Rosemary Malign provides female vox and sounds for Eugenics Council and the mysterious D.N. provides sounds and maile vox. (Philip appears as himself, natch.) The 28 tracks on the disc are a scattering of tracks by the Eugenics Council, Philip himself, and -- on "Little Faggots (Plus, Dance Mix!)" -- all of them together. The disc was refused for pressing by several plants for the naughty artwork (strange, i can't imagine how anybody could be offended by the sight of swastikas and the Star of David on the same cover), rude titles (a wee sample: "Do Your Fucking Job," "Amputate & Kill," "Just-A-Cunt," "Heavenly Rape," "Jew-Gook-Nigger," "Marching On," "Stupid Nigger," etc., etc.), and song content (really, some of the spoken parts are among the most awesomely, intentionally offensive things you'll ever hear). Apparently some people are easily upset.... I personally don't really see the point in all the push-the-envelope offensiveness, but it's a free world, and there is an audience for this sort of material (witness the cult of Whitehouse and Taint, for instance). So let us review the thing and let the readers make up their minds whether to partake, eh? (I must admit i found "Shut Up and Fuck Me" really, really amusing.)

So, the big question: do they deliver the goods? Well, as i mentioned already, they're goddamned loud and they have the buzzsaw power-electronics thing down cold -- many moments of ripped-up sound roaring through the speakers like a malfunctioning transformer rigged up to a dozen contact mikes and tumbling down a steel staircase, plenty of high-end ear damage ("Genocide Now" is particularly savage in this respect), the use of treated CDs to provide skipping rhythms on occasion (see "Born to Be a Victim"), and just a sheer joy for horribly abusing sonic equipment in general. I'm sure this disc redlines well past "proper" redbook audio standards all over the place.... One of the interesting things about the disc is that, in general, they favor very different approaches -- the Eugenics Council like to mike in bizarre samples (old records, marching bands, radio transmissions, talk-show commentary, God knows what else) in with their power-assault, and they have the advantage of having a female singer, an unusual and ear-catching thing to hear in the power-electronics field; Dr. Philip is more aligned with traditional power-electronics, preferring as a rule to lay down bedrock sonic assault from heavily processed efx over which he can sneer about all sorts of deliberately offensive subject matter (think Macronympha here, perhaps, or Taint). Another advantage of having the artists trade off tracks (but not necessarily one after another -- sometimes one will do two or three in a row) is that their different styles make the disc far more unpredictable than your average power-electronics disc. Where many such bands start out hard and stay that way, causing boredom to set in fairly early, this disc is wildly up and down in its attack, which prevents the listener from getting stuck in a rut. It doesn't hurt that Rosemary sounds like a caged animal half the time, either... check out "Go Away" and you start to wonder what might happen if Lydia Lunch decided to dabble in power electronics. Bonus points for the live track being one of the most chaotic, obnoxious shoutfests around, sort of like ranting bag people with efx boxes. Rosemary sounds genuinely psychotic, which is always a plus, and it's really amusing to hear an actual dance loop mixed into the noise/shout festival.

Bottom line: I had to turn this CD down to listen to it, which is so rare as to be statistically improbable, and it came close to giving me a migraine headache halfway through. If that's not a recommendation for those who like their electronics out of control, i can't imagine what is. Just make no mistake: this is offensive. Definitely not for the politically correct. Don't say you haven't been warned....

Audioghoul magazine

Let's face it, in a genre spawned by Whitehouse and dominated by the likes of Sutcliffe Jügend, Genocide Organ and
Brighter Death Now, it has become extremely difficult to actually succeed in standing out from the crowd in producing ‘music'
more genuinely shocking and offensive than what has already been done. Likewise, with so many power electronics units
active and exploring the limits of analog synth torture, noise loops, flanged vocals and mangled samples, a project that wishes
to be noticed really has to bring something fresh to the audio torture chamber.

This record, a split-cum-collaboration between a regular power electronics duo and the editor of ‘Fuck', possibly the
most surreally obscene and determinedly vile zine on the planet, is an interesting answer to these challenges from the
American scene that has already produced the likes of Taint, Death Squad and Slogun. Musically, The Eugenics Council are
definitely closer to these other US units, especially Taint, with their dense, textured, fuzzy, cut-up noise sound as distinct from
the more sparse shrieking synth work of their British and Italian peers. The Eugenics Council's sound is exceedingly rich and
varied, with intelligent and nasty use of looped vocal samples. Several instrumental tracks are based on blackly humourous
noise loops very reminiscent of the progenitor of US noise, the almighty Boyd Rice.

As listeners to Susan Lawly's ‘Extreme Music For Women' compilation will know, what sets the Eugenics Council
apart is that they have a female vocalist, Rosemary Malign, - not only that, but she is also one of the best vocal performers in
the genre, with a varied and vicious technique that achieves the difficult feat of apparent spontaneity and realism of which Kevin
Tomkins remains the undisputed master. Ranging from hateful snarls through deliberately tuneless singing up to unbearable
high-pitched shrieking that reminds all of us who've been in bad relationships just how downright harsh, spiteful and unpleasant
a woman's voice can be, she delivers a thoroughly convincing and suitably distressing performance. The finest Eugenics
Council tracks on the CD, notably ‘Dead Babies', ‘Letter to Daddy' and ‘Dirty Girl' capitalise on her talents with such ‘feminine'
subject matter as the vileness of children (the manipulated screaming baby samples are truly horrendous), little-girl
sentimentalism and bitchiness, producing a suitably grim counterpart to Whitehouse's misanthropic image of masculinity.

Randall Phillip, on the other hand, answers the challenge of offensiveness. The material he delivers is the ‘musical'
equivalent of Tourette's syndrome, a compulsive barrage of racial, sexual and social vulgarity so intense, relentless and
convoluted that it can't help but become funny, as power electronics acts such as Intrinsic Action do when they try too hard
and too theatrically. Luckily, Dr. Phillip is well aware of this, and deliberately aims for the blackest of black comic effect as the
world's first power electronics stand-up comedian. Crooning just as tunelessly as Ms. Malign or ranting deliriously in any of a
number of ridiculous voices with and without effects, he comes across as a cross between a (much) nastier Dennis Leary,
William Bennett and a crazed homeless alcoholic. The high points of his contributions to the album are ‘Jew-Gook-Nigger',
which sounds like a particularly vile skit on Skippy the Kangeroo, Flipper and the like, and ‘You Make My Love Come Down', a
tender recital of love poetry. Musically, his tracks fit in smoothly with the rest, presumably also involving the very talented
Dustin and Rosemary.

The final track is a disappointingly brief glimpse of a live performance with both vocalists 'singing' different songs
simultaneously, eventually developing into a short ‘dance mix' which really should have been expanded to track length for the
benefit of pissed-off industrial DJs.

Overall this is a very fine power electronics release that comes recommended to fans of the genre. The less than
wholly serious nature of the CD as a whole does perhaps tend to hide the fact that the Eugenics Council are a deadly earnest
project fit to stand comparison with the finer acts in the genre, but musically the collaboration is a very fruitful one. If you
possess both a hatred of mankind and a truly vile sense of humour, this CD is probably for you.


I have been listening to this CD for 2 weeks trying to figure out the
best way to describe it. I could never decide if I liked the entire disk
or not. I do think some of the idea presented by each band are excellent.
But as a whole it is missing some key elements that if they were taken
care of would make this CD a real standout. Here is my take on both

When I first put the CD on I was reminded of the LOCKWELD CD on
GroundFault as wave after wave of baby screams hit me. Though not as
powerful the song began to annoy me pretty quickly which I would assume
is the point ( I hate children crying) The Eugenics Council traverse the
area between Sludge Rock, Noise, and PE. All manner of styles are thrown
at the listener with the only constant being Rosemary's voice shrieking
through the mix. (And I have to admit her voice does cut through the mix
pretty well) The noise is pretty low fi and muddy, where all the sounds
melt together in a wall with frequencies standing out on occasion. Its a
positive that I can't tell exactly what they used and what is making each
sound. However, It could have benefited from a run through post
production, just to clean up the low end. (If this had been done I am
sure this CD would sound completely different) This is pretty much the
case for the CD except for the standout JUST A CUNT track. Where the
keyboard was clear punchy and aggressive, and where the sound reaches out
to you.

Randall Philips does some great noise, and presentation. I like the
spoken word mixed with song, found sound and noise. It cuts him off but
allows him to resurface to stab at you again. It gives it an
unpredictable feel. Almost keeping the listener off balance. The only
problem I have is that I have heard this all before. One slur after
another, one more insult and racial comment. It doesn't scare me. It
doesn't provoke me. Its just there. A stream of words that hold no
meaning and no aggression. Possibly if his delivery were more than a
pitch bent slur. (which is an effect I actually like adding a kind of
disconnect feel to it) However if his goal is to do anything but ramble
he is failing. I guess that if there was a point, or direction rather
than pure hate (of self and others) . If he was sending his torrent of
comments towards something coherent then it could be a highlight. Fuck
magazine actually almost succeeds in its focus because it has pictures to
focus the message behind the page after page of intolerance. Randall
needs to incorporate more of this "focus" idea through his music.

Bunt Magazine Online& print mag

Rosemary malign and the eugenics council.

This is a limited edition CD of Dr Randall Phillip with the eugenics council Some of the most extreme noise and words ever assembelled for a relaese. Im not really into the music side of things, extreme industrial noise stuff But I do like to listen to pure unadulterated hate speech, this is not for the weak. It would be considered very offensive in most circles and should really be avoided Unless you have heard some of this sort of thing before and know that it is what you are after. I would really like to hear Dr. Phillip with a nice backing band maybe some Laid back lounge music I think that would set this off quite nicely and make the Spoken stuff even more extreme. Only chase this up if you are looking for something along the lines of Boyd Rice Or Jim Goad.

Rosemary Malign & The Eugenics Council / Dr. Randall Phillip split-CD

I got the Rosemary Malign & The Eugenics Council / Dr. Randall Phillip split-CD today together with a number of FUCK magazine. It was a positive surprise, my view on Americans in general isn't the best, especially not when it comes to music, but this belongs to one of the few exceptions that I've made during the years. The sound-quality of the material is pretty good, it feels a bit
computerized from time to time. My first impression is that they want to to provocate the listener in a very childish way, it works for me though. Letter to Daddy, Just a Cunt, Shut Up & Fuck Me, Get Down (he wants to sound like Whitehouse here), Reality is a Hog, Jew-Gook-Nigger etc, all are good and interesting songs, but I feel that the music could have a larger place here.
The conceptual part makes me think of Peter Sotos writings, but in a more filthy and americanized way.
Not bad at all, I will certainly check out future releases with them both. ehhhhh... Fuck... this wasn't a review. I will return later with a lengthy
one instead..

Rosemary Malign and the Eugenics Council/Dr. Randall Phillip, split CD (Menschenfeind, 2000)

Here's something I didn't expect: Phillip does noise. I expected most ofhis contributions to be spoken-word only, but there's actually some
nice, full-on vocal manipulation here. Not that there's not spoken word,too-- Randall Phillip is a guy who wants you to get his message. You
probably don't want it, but he wants you to have it.Phillip is the creator and pretty much sole author of FUCK magazine.
Fans of Answer Me! and the writings of Peter Sotos who just weren't offended enough by those will probably get a kick out of Phillip's print
offering, which goes out of its way to try and offend every possible minority group in every issue. The one that came with my particular copy
of this disc attempts to (and, I've no doubt, does a great job of) offend blacks, jews, women, rednecks, serial killers, and yes, even
extraterrestrials. It's kind of funny when Debbie Goad does it-- even while you know she's dead serious when writing a rant like "I Hate Being
a Jew," there's always a sense of fun, and both the Goads have an inherent lack of seriousness about things. Sotos is undeniably artistic
in everything he does, and much of the reason Sotos is capable of having such an effect on his readers is that he's not the typical jerkoff
spewing trash on Usenet. Phillpi, on the other hand, goes for the whole hog. He'll find the most offensive way to say something, and then refine it just enough to make it that much more offensive, and THEN say it. Preferably with a cranked-up microphone and a bunch of effects pedals in front of him while he's doing it. A representative selection of song titles should sun it up pretty well. "Do Your Fucking Job."
"Spic-Jesus." "Reality Is a Hog." "Kill Happy." And those are the less offensive ones. (At least to me.)

Eugenio Maggi from an Italian music mag

Menschenfeind cd-28tx-68' Well, if you're a sucker for brutal, cynical and controversial projects, look no further: here the duo Eugenics Council teams up with the infamous Randall Phillip, editor of the (euphemistically speaking) extreme fanzine „Fuck“. What you get is a long ear-splitting and stomach-revolting bad trip through the destruction of almost every possible target of anti-PC hysteria – titles like Amputate and kill, Genocide Now, Heavenly Rape, Stoopid Nigger and Jew-Gook-Nigger are eloquent enough. Sound-wise, it's mostly power-electronics with yelled vocals and painful samplings from the Council (by the way, Rosemary Malign has taken part to the “Extreme music for women” comp. on Susan Lawly, Whitehouse's home label) and spoken words by Dr. Phillip (think of a nasty and disturbing phone-call in the middle of the night, and imagine it goes on and on and you can't stop it). Content-wise, I guess it's up to you to decide: you can find the whole work either shocking and worth of censorship, or amusing, or interesting and “educative”, or just plain childish and stupid in its primitive approach. Or all these alternatives together. I think that those who appreciate acts like Whitehouse, Genocide Organ or Boyd Rice (who sounds like Billy Bragg in comparison with Phillip!), or Jim Goad's “Answer Me!” will hardly stay away from this.
The Eugenics Council/Menschenfiend Productions, PO Box 13207, St. Louis MO 63157, USA.; web-site:
Dr.Randall Phillip, PO Box 13207, Philadelphia PA, 19103, USA. Web-site:

lesbian lifestyle magazine Diva:

'Also challenging the eardrums is the Extreme Music From Women compilation.
A project conceived last year by Edinburgh label Susan Lawly
( after they decided that 'young women's radical
underground music could no longer be ignored'. This is a wildly varied
collection, spanning unlistenable paranoid head noise and moments of
genuinely intriguing sonic experimentation. For the former, listen to
Rosemary Malign's 'No You Listen' (it's like being assaulted by a dentist's
drill for five minutes)

"brimming with malevolence, and so are her lyrics: "I don't want a fucking
job/I don't want a goddamn fucking baby/shit, shit, shit". I'm sure if I
could make out any of the other vocals they would follow suit. The first
half of the disk sounds like a hardcore band set up to record in an
industrial factory, and they are losing their voices and blowing their amps
trying to drown out the noise. Some of the tracks have a surprisingly
melodic appeal, with a clean bass guitar, undistorted drum machine and clear
vocals. As if to discard any melodic complacency, this soon gives way to
brazenly spite-filled noise, overlapped with equally malicious screams. This
is not for then weak-eared."

editor of "Waste Combat" had this to say:

"Rosemary Malign's vocal style is unique, she could scream about
child-fucking and make the audience think it's normal, and then in one
sentence hit them over the head with their own reality. She practices
word-hammering, complex simplicity. De-sensitizing the listner to the
subject matter through repetition and word-play, and then suddenly, plain as
day, she serves them up a foul and harsh truth, even if it is her your own."

Pindrops and Cathedral Bells magazine and website

the above names are probably very familiar to those of you who follow the goings-on of the extreme underground. r. phillip for such notorious literary work as "fuck" magazine and the book "extermination zone", eugenics council for their recent chaotic u.s. tour which included its fair share of pyrotechnics. this cd is, without a doubt, the most vulgar, offensive release of the year and i love it! liberal jaws are sure to drop after hearing such titles as: "dead babies" (an anti-childbirth rant), "genocide now", "heavenly rape", "jew-gook-nigger", and "little faggots". as if the titles themselves weren't filthy enough, the music and lyrics go far beyond what is considered acceptable, even in a genre known for its brutality. samples of screaming infants and porno movies are interwoven with enough vulgarities from the artists to fill a whole new trilogy of "the godfather" films while screeching electronics mercilessly invade your eardrums. there are a number of different versions of this available. mine features the war (white aryan resistance) logo along with three swastikas and three stars of david on the cover. if you're looking for the ultimate party disc then look no further. the 28 songs on this release will keep your booty shaking and your hard cock raping all night long.

A review of Rosemary's track on the Extreme Music From Women c.d. (Gary

"First off is Rosemary Malign's 'No You Listen', the best 'song' title in
this collection by far without yet having heard a single note. Ooh! That
made me jump, wasn't expecting that! The sound of a mainframe computer (a
Cray 2 or 3 with any luck) tied to the back of a truck and taken for a
scrape down the dirt track, bouncing to its piecemeal decimation. The
initial child-like vocals are almost Ramptonesque ..A deranged cacophony of
the very highest quality. Wonderfull! What a great way to open the album. "

Erik Hoffman's EMFW REVIEW First up is a great little track from Rosemary Malign. Very reminiscent of the Whitehouse track, "A Cunt Like You" in that the choppy, distorted and angry vocals are over a bed of equally choppy noise. It also has that trademark feedback squeal in the background at some points. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that verbal assault. recommended for all those who believe that the world is a pretty place
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