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Smart Brown Handbag Rock
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Artist Bio
Formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist David Steinhart, Los Angeles-based Smart Brown Handbag has been creating emotionally charged, hook-filled pop since 1994. Steinhart, bassist Cindy Albon, and drummer John Glogovac have put out eight full-length albums in that time, earning them a national following that's strongly supported by college radio and press. Their 1999 disc (“Little Things Are Everything”) spent eleven weeks in the CMJ Top 100, and S.B.H. songs have been featured over the years in television and film. They have toured the East and West Coasts extensively, and have performed shows at SXSW, CMJ, and other major music conferences. For 2004's “The Big Sigh”, we find Jeff Steinhart back in the fray on guitar, John Glogovac in the producer's seat, and Dave Steinhart creating a new set of jangly, lo-fi melodies that can somehow sneer and smile at you at the same time ...

Steinhart's career started in 1984 when he and his brothers (Jeff and Richard) released the first of five albums from their critically heralded group Pop Art on their own Stonegarden Records label. Through the years, Stonegarden has put out over fifty albums by more than thirty bands and has become known for its commitment to guitar-based pop music.

Albums 1994-2004

The Big Sigh, 2004
Fast Friends, 2002
Just Like Driving Backwards, 2000
Little Things Are Everything, 1999
Lullabies For Infidels, 1998
Monkey in the Middle, 1996
Sabrina, 1995
Silverlake, 1994
Smart Brown Handbag, 1993

Band Members:

David Steinhart - Guitar, vocals, words
Steinhart has been the brainchild behind SBH, a follow up to two solo albums and Pop Art, a Los Angeles 80's band which garnered many favorable reviews as well. David's love of songwriting led him to form Stonegarden Records, which also houses other LA indie artists.

Cindy Albon - Bass
Formerly of the band "Coat." Her driving and bouncy bass lines lend SBH their great groove.

John "Slim" Glogovac - Drums, vocals, production
After leaving "Trotsky Icepick," Slim has lent his 5 feet of hair, kickin drums, vocals and production talent to SBH.

Jeff Steinhart - Guitar
Press Reviews
”Smart Brown Handbag's catchy guitar pop has been rumored to be on the edge of greatness for a long time and we believe the hype.” - Rolling Stone Online

"As we prepare to plummet headfirst into the new millennium, there's just one thing I still don't understand; why hasn't David Steinhart been declared a national treasure? For well over a decade, from the seriously underrated Pop Art, through his solo albums and SBH, he's been writing, playing, and singing perfect pop music for a small but dedicated group of fans. His intelligent and deeply ironic take on the world is summed up perfectly in these wonderful songs." -Barry Barnett,

"A damn great album. SBH have put together something worthy of greatness... it all falls into place to make an absolute experience." - Fright X Magazine

"Steinhart's albums are never startling... but understatement is the privilege of craftsmanship, and these ten songs are as enchanting, artless and desperately empathetic as any of the hundred before them." - The War Against Silence
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Download Real Audio Plastic Babies (Real Audio)
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Los Angeles CA, USA

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