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New Society Anarchists Punk
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Title: Slam! Stomp! Mosh! Crush!
Genre: Punk
CD: $9.97

New Society Anarchists - Slam! Stomp! Mosh! Crush!

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Brutal in-your-face hardcore from the streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. This is the album that landed NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS on the Vans Warped Tour in 1996!!! Get your copy today! A great production!!
Artist Bio
Brotherhood and Unity. In a new scene that seems to despise togetherness and a united front, NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS doesn't let up on the message "UNITE THE KIDS, UNITE THE SCENE". We try to set a higher standard on ourselves so we can overcome the pettiness, the racism, the gangs, the trends, and the injustice that we get our noses rubbed in every day...

NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS came together in 1990 when Zakk and Arlo (brothers) asked Jason (cousin) to start a band. They found a drummer and started setting up shows through out Milwaukee. In 93-94 they put out their first self-titled cd only to have it fall on deaf ears. Having creative difficulties, the drummer was dismissed.

Disappointed but not discouraged, NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS pushed on, continuing to hone their misunderstood style of hardcore, thrash and punk. In '96 they put out "SLAM! STOMP! MOSH! CRUSH!". This powerful cd landed them a slot on the '96 VANS WARPED TOUR giving the band their first taste of the road and breaking them into the national circuit.

After the WARPED TOUR, NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS went back into the studio to record "RIOT GUN", the band's third release. Before "RIOT GUN" was released, they dismissed the drummer because he was unable to tour...

So the search for a drummer began. NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS had been in this position before. They knew they needed someone with a lot of heart and passion for music. Someone that felt a part of the family. Augie was playing in an upcoming local band. NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS liked his style so they stole him. Augie joined the band and right away Zakk, Arlo, and Jason could feel a reborn sense of untamed energy. So through out '97 and '98 NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS played the local circuit and toured independently throughout the U.S.

After the road time, NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS hit the studio in 1999 and put out a powerful and agressive cd entitled "GAGGED BY THE FLAG". This album had the energy and power the band was looking for with vocals in your face telling you like it is backed by 10 million watts of rage-driven music pounding it into your head like a jackhammer.

NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS has toured with "GAGGED BY THE FLAG" throughout 1999 and is continuing on for the year 2000 on their "GUERILLA WARFARE TOUR 2000".

NEW SOCIETY OF ANARCHISTS doesn't pull any punches. They come direct and true. Hard from the streets they grew up on. Not tough guys, just working-class kids struggling to break free from the poverty and pain of the inner-city. Music is our salvation. Music is our release.
Press Reviews
New Society Of Anarchists "GAGGED BY THE FLAG"
Lycos Music -
Fist-pumping, big-guy Hardcore that grabs you by the lapels, screams in your face, shakes you violently, then forces you to pogo in time with the enormous, ton-o-bricks beat. If you don't work out regularly, approach with caution. Similar to White Flag in its attempt to bring old school political Hardcore up to code by providing access ramps of pop hooks and harmonized vocals. It's from Milwaukee, so you know it's good.
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Tour Dates and Location
Date Venue/Club Location
September 30, 2000 THE NEW LOFT MADISON WI, U.S.
October 11, 2000 THE ANNEX MADISON WI, U.S.
October 13, 2000 PEABODY'S MOLINE IL, U.S.
October 14, 2000 STICKMAN'S DAVENPORT IA, U.S.
Brownsville WI, United States

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